How to Get More Instagram Video Views in 2020

The world is changing, and so is people’s purview towards people and brand. What used to be a hit or miss previously, has now become old and fragile. You need to market yourself, your brand, your product, literally everything, for people to buy it (sometimes even metaphorically). And when it comes to brand, product and content, nothing can work better than video marketing and video content.

Instagram, hands down, is the best place to market your video content and reach out to audiences in a very convenient and cost-effective way. The best part about it is that if you are creative enough, then you don’t even need to step out of your house or even buy a camera. Now, how crazy is that huh?

Boasting with 112.5 million active users, Instagram, without any doubt, thrives in the video content sector. But even though the user count is huge, the Instagram algorithm makes it nearly impossible to reach out to the potential audience, unless you are a celebrity out of the virtual world and people are already going crazy over you.

And what makes Instagram videos a hit you ask? Well, engagement. In simpler words, video views are what exactly drives the engagement, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog today. So, let’s just jump into it.

Plan it through

Just as I mentioned before, Instagram is a great tool for marketers to use. Chances are that your potential audience or consumers (in case of a brand) people will look up your social media profiles, even before visiting your website. This is exactly why you should have an extremely well organised Instagram profile, with a proper username and bio as well. Coming to the posts, video content is one of the most popular forms. So, make the best use of it. Plan your video content beforehand. Your videos can become a style staple for your brand or Instagram profile, or even you as a person. Creating a similar kind of video, for instance, time-lapse videos will make your brand more easily recognisable.

Choose the correct dimension

Even though it seems like a very small thing, it actually creates a huge impact on the viewership of your video. Given the basic Instagram video dimensions, you can post square, vertical and horizontal videos. Even though the dimension should be dependable on the content of the video to a great extent, you should also know that it is the vertical and square video dimensions that eventually gather more views and engagement, rather than the horizontal ones.

Now a question may arise that what’s the reason for such discriminatory popularity since the content is going to be the same anyway. Well, the answer is pretty simple. 74% of Instagram users access the application through their phones. So, it is just practical to engage with something more convenient and appealing.

Always keep an eye on the clock

I know, sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? But it simply means that you should look out for the best time to post your videos. The most views and engagement that you are going to receive is within 2 to 3 hours of posting the video. Therefore, it is extremely important to look up at the analytics and figure out when the majority of your audience is active on the platform. It will boost up the reach of your post and as a result, increase the views on your videos.

Buy real Instagram video views

All these tips and tricks are really great and guaranteed to work out. However, this can be heck time consuming and a pretty long procedure, to be honest. Thus, it never hurts to keep a cheat sheet handy. Well, it can sound a little bit shady given the rise of internet scams. But that is exactly why you should be more aware before opting for something like buying Instagram video views. The free software will most certainly fill your videos with fake views, resulting in no real engagement. Whereas Buy Social Buzz is a social media marketing website, where you can buy real Instagram video views. It is absolutely safe and they have a bunch of services listed for you to choose from. Another great part indeed is the customer support service, where you can reach out any day, anytime. So, unless you’re still in doubt and serious about growing your Instagram account, visit Socialize Club right away.

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